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Chris Murphy's Equipment

- Kielworth Shadow black nickel Tenor Saxophone (2006) with a Jody Jazz 7 star hard rubber mouthpiece and La Voz Medium Hard reeds

- Silver Selmer Series 3 Tenor Saxophone (2015) with a Berg Larsen 105 / 2 SMS mouthpiece and # 3 Plasticover reeds

- Selmer Mark VI Baritone Saxophone (1970) with a Jody Jazz hard rubber # 6 and # 3 Plastivover reeds

- Yamaha Silver Custom 82Z Alto Saxophone with a Vandoren V16 mouthpiece and # 3 Rico Blue Box reeds

- Yamaha 475 Soprano Saxophone with a Selmer D mouthpiece and Vandoren # 3 Blue Box reeds

- Yamaha 581S Silver Flute

- Selmer Series 10 Clarinet (1980's) with a Charles Bay Custom mouthpiece and Vandoren # 3 Blues Box reeds

- Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet (1950's)

- Hammond XK1 Organ with two QSC 1000 Watt 12 inch powered speakers

- My main Ax is the Kielworth Tenor Saxophone.

- The first horn I owned was a Selmer Mark VI which I believe was made in 1969.I bought it used from Peter Hysen for $400 in 1971. I wish I could have kept that horn it had a beautiful tone. When I wore it out around 1988, I was gigging almost everyday so I could not afford to be without a horn for two weeks while it was re-built. I ended upselling it to John Weir a repairman in Toronto for $1900 and then buying a Silver Yamaha YAS 62 which I played until 2006.

- I sold that horn to Robert Lowry when I bought the Kielworth Shadow.The Keilworth is made of black nickel.It has rolled tone holes, a larger bore and a fatter tone. It requires more air and is slightly heavier than many horns.

- For my birthday in October, my wife gave me a Silver Selmer Series 3.

- My first gigs were on Tenor and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be a tenor player.

- I started out as a clarinet player. Over the years I owned three R13 Buffet clarinets. It seemed like many of the best clarinet players played Buffet R13's.Perhaps I never owned a great one but I really prefer the Selmer clarinets especially for tone.

- When I was playing Dixieland in the 1980's I owned a Silver Conn Soprano which I ended up selling because I was not using it.It was a great horn. I thought I would never own another soprano and then I found a used Yamaha in my opinion the YamahaSoprano's have much better intonation and are easier to play in tune.

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Mailing: 416 Ferndale Ave. London ON Canada N6C 2Y8
Phone: (519)668-6443